Saturday, September 13, 2008

See if I messed up!

I've spent a lot of time here telling you all what to do and how not to annoy me if you query.

How about we reverse the situation!

I've just updated my website and here's your chance to find out if I can't spell, can't write, and am generally incoherent.

Here's the link.

If anything isn't clear; if there's a question you'd like to see in the FAQ; or, something you think should be there but isn't, let me know.

Comment column is fine; a little public humiliation is probably deserved!
Email, fine!
Laughing at me at the next conference, not so much!

Have at it!


Jeanie W said...

Hi Janet,

Thanks for participating in the Book Roast. Y'all were hilarious.

Re: your submission guidelines on your website

You don't mention whether or not you represent children's literature or YA. You might also want to let folks know you don't handle illustrators, so you don't have to deal with people asking.

macaronipants said...

Ditto what Jeanie said about kids lit. And am I the only one who salivates every time I see the FinePrint logo because it looks so very much like the Krispy Kreme logo?

I noticed a couple of things. One is extra spaces. So that the sentences looked a bit like this. Perhaps it is just moi who would notice such a thing, but I was itching for my backspace key. I often itch for my backspace key, but that is another post. Also, under "What's a query letter", businesslike is one word.

Just my own personal preference, but I don't think you need "is an agent with" under your name. Since we do know you are not a brain surgeon with FinePrint Literary, nor are you a widget washer with FinePrint Literary (he, he). Maybe just Janet Reid, FinePrint Literary.

Thanks for asking!

macaronipants said...

Okay, so the extra spaces in my sentence didn't come out, but you get my drift.

Anthony said...

Nit: The gray text on the gray background decreases the contrast and thus makes the site harder to read for people with vision problems. These people are still able read with the help accessibility software, but gray/gray makes it more difficult.

A good guide:

Minus the nit, your site was informative and helpful!

Adrienne said...

Looks good! However you do mention in the Contact Me page you want the 3 - 5 pages pasted into the email, but you don't say specifically so in the How To Send page. Just to avoid any and all misunderstandings, it might make sense to so.

While you mention YA you don't say whether you either do or don't represent MG. This can be a bit confusing for MG authors because though technically their work is not YA, they still are often categorised with that genre. Often the distinction between children's writing is between YA/MG and picture books. So you might want to say if you accept MG or not.

Also when you state YA, do you mean any YA or YA in the categories you accept. That is to say would you mind a science fiction YA even though you don't want science fiction in general? Again, would be very helpful if you specified this.

Um . . . I think that's it for now. Other than that I like how easy the site is to navigate, and how much information is available on it. Good stuff!

kyler said...

Hi Janet, I'm drinking scotch tonight in honor of you. Looks good. The only thing I could find is: in Contact Me, the fiction categories being with "Fiction," while I think you meant to say "Commercial Fiction," like you do in How to Send Work. The scotch is OK, but I really prefer JD.

kyler said...

That should be "begin with Fiction," not "being." See what the scotch does to me? I'd never make that mistake on Jack!

Sara J. Henry said...

Janet, you probably already know this and just haven't adjusted it - but listing your email address as you have ( allows spam bots to glom onto your email address and deluge you with spam. Instead either "disguise" your address as janet (at) or imbed it as a link: Email Janet

Sara J. Henry said...
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Julie Weathers said...

Oh, Janet I would never laugh at you. If you see me laughing and pointing at you, I'm laughing WITH you. Big difference.