Friday, September 05, 2008

oh just shoot me now

See, I adore Chris Eldin, I do.

So when she asked if I wanted to get roasted, I *thought* she said "do you want to get toasted" and I said, sure, here's the address of the local watering hole, see you there in five.

But no. She did indeed mean roasted, and so I am on the spit for BookRoast next week. I'm sure the flames of Hell (being Satan's literary agent and all) will be involved.

Fortunately I can see what's in store for me, cause I'm on Friday, and there's quite a stellar list ahead of me:

Mon, Sept 8: Evil Editor
Tues, Sep 9: Editorial Anonymous
Wed, Sep 10: (publishing related topic)
Thurs, Sep 11: Moonrat
Fri, Sept 12: moi

Chris briefly lost her tenuous hold on sanity and said this thing started at 6am.
After I stopped laughing, I mentioned I'd be showing up around noon.
So, instead, it starts at midnight on Friday Eastern Time and all those sleepy heads who go to bed with the birdies will miss the first of the fun.


Bill Cameron said...

I have no piercings, wake up with the robins, and am easily frightened by Emmy-winning actors

ChrisEldin said...

I have no piercings, wake up with the robins, and am easily frightened by Emmy-winning actors

Is really:

I have no (visible) piercings, wake up with the (Robins), and am easily (seduced ) by Emmy-winning actors

I was just checking the stat meter at the Book Roast, and there are like a bazillion visitors coming from here!!!
Thank You!!!!!!

Bill Cameron said...

How'd you know that about Robin?

Chumplet said...


Julie Weathers said...

Well, love a bug.

I thought I was actually going to catch one of these if you were doing it in the morning. I don't get home from work until 12:30 a.m., which would be 1:30 a.m. and the fun may all be over.

On the other hand, Sept. 12 is my birthday so I may eat a cupcake while I catch up on reading.

This is going to be a fun week at Book Roast.

Thanks, Chris and gang.

Chumplet said...

A few of the regulars in Europe check in during the wee hours, and I'm at least there for the first hour or so.

September 12th is my dad's birthday too, Julie!

Shona Snowden said...

We Aussies keep strange hours too! At least, it seems that way to you...

Julie Weathers said...

Ah, Chumplet. Tell your dad happy birthday for me.

Chumplet said...

I shall, Julie. The card already arrived and he was afraid to open it too soon.

Barrie said...

Friday the 12th? It's marked on my calendar. Mwahahah...

Julie Weathers said...

Good grief. Just mark the whole week on your calendar. Did you see the line up? Miss Janet is the cherry on top.

Susan Adrian said...

I am so there.