Monday, September 22, 2008

Kansas is still there!

They survived us!

And they were kind enough to give us a very useful thank you gift! It's clear someone did some research and discovered it's very hard to find a wristwatch that fits right if you have eight legs.

A clock is perfect, and the inscription is perfect: Thank you for your time, KWA.

More like, thank YOU for a well organized conference and an excellent group of participants who were attentive, fun to work with, and well prepared. Now that I know where Kansas is, I might have to fire up the broom again and go back.


Julie Weathers said...

Gee, that really was a lovely gift. I may have to look into the Kansas conference next year.

I'm so glad you left Kansas intact. I like it there.

Have you thought of updating your mode of travel? Maybe a nice Oreck or something?

Josephine Damian said...

What I wanna know is: How was the food? Was it Kansas steak for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Beats rubber chicken, I guess.

Cool clock, though. Nice of them to include a gift.