Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Give that girl a book bag!

People have been sending me photos of their books after I posted the link to BooksOnTheNightStand. Some of them just defy description..not to mention gravity.


spyscribbler said...

OH MY GAWD! Powell's bookstore in Portland is so big you need a map??? I need to move. Now. My heart skipped beats at the thought. And now I'm in tears.

You think I'm kidding.

Mystery Robin said...

Powell's is unbelievable. I just visited for the first time this summer - crazy, since I only live in Seattle.

It's so fun, because you really do stumble onto finds that you just don't see in other bookstores - I got this great history on the making of Transcontinental railroad.

But... it is the complete opposite of kid friendly - lots of VERY high stacks, concrete floors, all kinds of crazy levels and half levels.

But very cool if your husband sits down with your babes at the kids table and lets you roam free. ;)

Kristin Laughtin said...

That was how my nightstand/floor looked after BEA and ALA this year! Unfortunately I bought another bookcase this weekend, so everything is cleaned up and not worthy of photographs anymore.

I want to see this Powell's now out of curiosity. It needs a map?!

Julie Weathers said...

I guess I am going to have to figure out how to take a picture sans a power adaptor for my camera. Perhaps a new battery?

K.C.'s nightstand is like a mini version of my dining area. It's frightening at the thought of all those books tumbling down.

Thankfully, I never entertain so the dining area is wasted space anyway.

Susan Adrian said...

HA! I'd hazard a guess just based on the books pointed out that I know whose desk that is. :)

Deaf Brown Trash Punk said...

nice. I love P.G Wodehouse. Ummm my room is mostly full of comic books, books about serial killers, and other random junk. Nothing too fancy :(

jill said...

Yes, you need a map of Powells! A full city block, three or so stories tall with odd half levels here and there (the block it occupies is on a hill). I live in the area and still only make it there a couple of times a year.

You could lose yourself for days in that store.

No books on my nightstand. They're on computer desk, dining table, end tables, and bookshelves.

A Novel Woman said...

My first thought was that I'd probably like this person - she's delightfully and unapologetically messy, AND she reads Sedaris, Wodehouse and Python.

Then I went to the site where my initial impression was confirmed.

Go kc!

Off to photograph my piles.

Oh, that didn't come out right.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Powell's is book heaven. ... and then there's Richard Owen Roberts Books of Wheaton, Illnois ... Pixies think that if Powell's is heaven, Roberts is the heaven of the heavens. And their restoration services ... oh just look them up and view the samples .... nummy

I'm not sending my nightstand photo. I do NOT have a night stand ... In its place is a bookshelf. Its contents shift. Right now it's full of things i'm reading for my current non-fiction project. (Hi, Uncle Bruce! ::He's my non-fiction writing partner and likes pixies.)

On the top shelf are three pictures. One's a fine art print from the 1890's. Pretty. One's a framed page from a 1588 Latin Bible, and the last is a signed print. Then there's the "stuff." Stuff includes a really nice angel statue that a friend brought me from London. Various little pixies. A silver box from India. A Native American pot. (Older than heck and quite nice) A gorgously glazed pot decorated with goats. A glob of Liberty nickles that are melted together with silver. It was part of a goldminer's stash of coins and came from the remains of his cabin which burnt down about 1910. There's a little toy car. A high gloss finish pewter tankard from the G.W.R.R. with a stamp on it that dates it to Victoria's reign. And assorted other junk such as a statue of a sleeping child and a girl with her doll.

P. G. Wodehouse ... Crime Wave at Blanding's Castle! Read it. All the Lord Emsworth and Jeeves books are great. I have a very nice first with dust jacket of Jeeves Returns.

Can you tell my personal space is overrun with books and weird junk? Pixies accumulate both.

McKoala said...

You can give a girl a book bag, but you can't guarantee she'll be able to pick it up.

Chumplet said...

My books are spread all over the house, so I picked a select few to place in my newly cleaned nightstand.

You wouldn't believe the crap I dug out of there.