Sunday, September 14, 2008

Courtney Summers is going to be a HUGE star

It's not often I read a blog and instantly know I want to read everything this author writes.

I do with Courtney Summers.

She's ably represented by Amy Tipton here at FinePrint which is great for me cause I just plan to threaten her with bodily harm if an ARC of Cracked Up To Be doesn't appear magically on my desk very soon.

Courtney has a fresh compelling riveting voice. Read her stuff.


Jolie said...

"Courtney Summers is going to be a HUGE star"

I don't doubt it. I saw the trailer for Cracked Up to Be, and I'm itching to read it!

Susan said...

If I were Courtney, I'd print that compliment and put it on my wall!

Another one for my birthday-book list, I think.

courtney said...

Oh my gosh!

I must now take you through a list of my facial expressions upon reading this entry:

1) (o_o)

2) )-0_0-(

3) \(^o^)/

THANK YOU, Janet. Wow. Make my day, much!

... I hope my book lives up to my blog. ;)

(PS: Amy, if you're reading this--give Janet everything she wants!!!)

Susan Adrian said...

YES! I second this notion. And Courtney's firmly in my blog reader.

Daisy Whitney said...

Courtney is going to be an epic star!!! We're talking like world domination soon. That is if I have any say in the matter

Angela said...
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Angela said...

Courtney is amazing on so many levels, and is just dang funny to boot. If people reading this don't know who she is, then get out there and read her blog and buy her book in 2009!

*whines about not being able to warp the time/space continum and get the book NOW*

(I had to post again 'cause I got so excited my original was riddled with typos. RIDDLED!)