Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Your luck has run out-Wednesday, there's no escape

Jeff Somers informs me that the KGB Bar has not regained its senses, and yes he will be the bill of fare this coming Wednesday:

READING AT KGB: Believe it or not, Ellen Datlow has not yet realized her mistake and I am still on the bill to read at KGB as part of the Fantastic Fiction series

WHERE: KGB Bar, 85 East 4th Street, New York, NY 10003

WHEN: Wednesday, August 20th, 2008, Time ~7pm

Please plan to show up and heckle me. Or buy me drinks.

I'll be joined by Jim Kelly who seems more interesting than me, so please bear with me if I start to weep and beg forgiveness during the reading.

No, seriously--please come on out and have a few drinks, mock me mercilessly, and bring some friends!


JES said...

Unfortunately, I'm nowhere near the NYC area these days. But for anyone else who can get to it, the KGB Bar reading series is way cool.

clindsay said...

I'd also add that you should get there by 6:30 to get a seat - the place is only about four feet square.

DeadlyAccurate said...

One of these days I want to visit NYC and meet everyone. But especially I want to thank Jeff with a round of drinks for writing the most badass anti-hero around (even though I'm mad at him for managing to kill more people in his second book than I did.)

clindsay said...

These are two seriously popular SF/F writers so the place will be packed. It's a fun venue for readings, too!

ChrisEldin said...

Will he be wearing his pants?
:-) (joke from while ago. Not making suggestions...)

Wish I could be there. Really do.

Good luck!!!

ORION said...

Makes me want to go to New york again...wait...everything makes me want to go to New York again...