Wednesday, August 06, 2008

You Are Not The Boss Of Me (unless your name is Stephany Evans of course)

Who among us hasn't heard a five year old say "you are not the boss of me" to some pipsqueak sand box bully who wants everyone to organize and color code the buckets and shovels. Or dress up the cat in a ballerina tutu.

Well, like most things five-year-olds say, it's true.

Here's the most recent use of that pithy phrase, applied to using social networking sites to market books. I think it's pretty smart advice.


Karen K. Kennedy said...

One of my nephews went through a "you are not the BUSINESS of me" phase when he was 4 or so. We think it was a combination of "you are not the boss..." and "none of your business."

We thought it was a great phrase. It would work well in this gross misuse of networking situation!

angie said...

Hate to say it, but this is what happens when the prevailing wisdom is "market, market, market." It is incredibly annoying, if understandable. I know it's a running battle at Crimespace (and one that is taken seriously). I've decided that the biggest problem is that people just hate being told "no," whether by a site administrator or an individual. Everybody seems to think s/he is an exception to the No Promo via messages/Forum post rule - "But MY book/service/thingamabob is something people WANT to know about!" There are venues for promo/BSP (including personal pages and Events announcements), but I guess that scatter-shot blast of 'send all' is just too tempting.

pseudosu said...

No one likes being "sold to" when it's intrusive. You'd think marketers would have caught on by now that it's generally bad form to irritate and annoy your potential client base.

BTW I say that all the time, and am known for index finger twist I punctuate the phrase with. Try it sometime and just see who dares boss you around then! No one, that's who!

Dharma Kelleher said...

Thanks for bringing this up, Janet. I've been looking for a blog like Build Buzz for a while. I'm glad I've found it.