Friday, August 01, 2008

It's August

It's officially the slowest month of the publishing year.
That does not mean nothing will be happening.
I plan to get a lot done this month starting with catching up on all my reading!

I have three contracts to shepherd through to final signatures, one project going out on Monday, and the rest of the time I will be reading reading reading.

I really like August. Yea it's hotter than sin, and everything takes forever, but when the main thing you have to do all day every day is read, that's just a fine life.

And Season Five of The Wire comes out this month. I'm poised to pre-order, rush shipment. When it arrives, I will be incommunicado for at least three days so I can watch it all at least twice.


Just_Me said...

It is also month of the Leo and my birthday month! If you happen to be in the Atlanta area I'll treat you to dinner and let you ramble about life in the big city.

I love August! The kids go back to school, there's hot days and sultry nights, we've had enough rain this season that the grass is a deep emerald green, and the countryside smells like barbacue and fresh-picked peaches.

And August is giving you a chance to breath and catch up on The Wire. August is great! :o)

Margaret Yang said...

I have a question. You said you have a project going out on Monday. Does that mean that agents can still approach editors in August? I've heard that publishing "shuts down" in August. How much of that is reality and how much is myth? My agent is sending my novel out now, but maybe I should quit obsessing until September, or later.