Monday, June 09, 2008

More on BEA

Lauren and Henry, both of BiblioBuffet, were my breakfast boon companions on Saturday morning at BEA.

Here are their two very different takes on BEA.

Lauren's is here.
Henry here.

Both are kind enough to not mention how hungover I looked. Sufficient to mention the MWA party was the night before and it was an open bar.


kitty said...

Henry mentioned Amazon's kindle: Perhaps the clearest sign that there’s trouble in River City is a booth for Amazon’s Kindle—which is not a book, of course, but an electronic device for transforming digital equations into pixels that resemble the page of a book—nestled alongside the publishers’ booths at BEA.

Other than the obvious of not buying books, per se, I'm not sure how the kindle will affect the industry. I mean, writers will still want to be published, whether in book format or kindle, so they'll need to find a buyer.

If the kindle makes books obsolete (which I don't believe), how will it change the industry?


Lorelei Armstrong said...

My impression of the BEA: I met my book there for the first time. It was just a galley copy on a shelf, but when my publicist handed me one of my very own? A memorable moment, to put it mildly.

Lynn Price said...

Both are kind enough to not mention how hungover I looked.
So the question is; am I? Honey, it looked like your hair hurt.