Sunday, May 11, 2008

Why I will soon be living at Trump Tower

There are lots of ways to get a fancy address in New York City.
It never dawned on me that stealing the building was one of them.
I'm all over this. Change of address forms coming soon!.


Julie Weathers said...

Title searches are so nice.

Congratulations on your change of address. I'm assuming you will offer discount rates to your loyal fans?

Loretta Ross said...

Sooo . . . if the building was stolen then shouldn't the chick with the Greek name, the one who's suing for ownership, actually be arrested for receiving stolen property? And, seriously! She didn't suspect anything? Even around here you'd be doing good to get a piece of land that size for $50,000 and it's my understanding that property is a LOT higher in New York.

Loretta Ross said...

P.S. My cat says, if you're going to steal a house,steal a cathouse. Mind you, I am not endorsing this advice. I'm merely passing it along.

Stephen Parrish said...

I've got my eye on the building at 240 West 35th Street. Rents are gonna rise.

freddie said...

Oh good. This means I can finally take over the Strand.

Chumplet said...

My elderly neighbour received a cryptic call from her bank last year, just before she left for her winter stay in Florida. They had apparently been tipped off that a scam might be in the works.

She asked me to keep an eye out for suspicious characters around her house while she was away. She said if I saw a FOR SALE sign in front of her house, I was to call her immediately.

It didn't happen, thank goodness.

Candace E. Salima said...

I'm a published author roaming around the literary world. I found your blog and was browsing for good tips, advice, information . . . all the usual. This:

"I don't think I've ever rejected anyone for saying "I look forward to hearing from you soon" much like I don't think I've ever shot myself in the head to see if a gun was loaded. Please."

I laughed. I need it. Thanks.