Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Off to La La Land!

California here I come!
Just when I thought I'd get some nice weather, the forecast is for 70's!
Pack more sweaters I guess.

I have a 29 unanswered emails, a stack of fulls, a few partials, and NO queries waiting.
If you queried me by email and have not heard back, I did not receive it.
Send again, but wait till 6/5 if you want a prompt answer.

No posts while I'm gone. No query shark either.

I'll be back next week!


Josh Everett Ryan said...

Good luck, and have a nice trip!

Mags said...

My folks will make you dinner if you get hard up.

Mom will want to "discuss" your attire and Dad will laugh anytime you show fear, but the food will be on the house. If you want to stay over, Mom will put the Tooth-Fairy pillow case on the pillow for you. It's the spare.

Okay that last part is cool, actually. It would be cooler if the Tooth-Fairy ever put a little sumtin' sumtin' in the pink ruffled pocket when I visit, but I digress.

It's the Valley, alright? Blame Frank Zappa.

H. L. Dyer said...

I will miss your blogging while you're gone.

I always think of you when I spot the dorsal fin on the giant billboard for "Landshark Lager."

Each time, I remember your Query Shark submission closing, "Thanks for being my chum." And I have to smile.

I love a well-executed pun.

Have a great trip!

Jessica said...

Have a great time!

beth said...

70 degree weather = sweaters?! Come down South; my AC is cranked to 68!

PK said...

Sure, leave me here working myself into a state with each sentence that I rewrite while you go off to score some swag,hopefully of the Glenfiddich variety.

Honestly, I hope you have a great trip and if not, then as my dear grandpa used to say, 'at least you got a story out of it.'