Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What Happens in Wisconsin STAYS...well, not quite in Wisconsin

When I go to writing conferences, people know EXACTLY where to find me: the hotel bar. On the other hand, when our young intrepid agent Amy Tipton goes to conferences, people not only adore her...if they lose her phone number, they go to great lengths to find her again.

About 700 people found this on Craigslist and called her to say "didja see yourself."

Amy The Missing Literary Agent - m4w
Reply to: (craigslist email)
Date: 2008-03-30, 2:58PM

Dang...I somehow managed to completely hose my phone and subsequently, lose your number. I was seriously looking forward to coffee and conversation. Or perhaps was I just mis-reading the effects of the 12 hour drinking? If nothing else, you dropped into my orbit at the right time, and gave me the little bit of adventure and hint of possibilities I sorely needed. And for that, I thank you sincerely. Either way, if you (or someone who knows a beer drinking, Parliament smoking, Bike Messenger dating literary agent) see this, I hope that maybe you will try to get in touch.

Location: Madison-Wisconsin

Original URL:


Julie Weathers said...

The first book really does sound intriguing.

Going to Italy to write? Yeah, that's the stuff of dreams. Let me know when they do a workshop in Ireland, though. I would be donating blood or something to go to that.

Missing agent? My kind of agent. I don't drink much, but she sounds like fun.

*Adds drinks to list of possible bribes.

Thanks again. It is encouraging to know good things do get discovered in slush piles.


Alice Audrey said...

This wouldn't have taken place on April Fools, would it? :)

Daisy Whitney said...

What I want to know is will Amy respond?