Yes, this is filled with whisky

Yes, this is filled with whisky

Friday, April 25, 2008

Query Shark!

14 brave souls have risked life and limb in the shark tank.


Margaret Yang said...

Best. Graphic. Ever.

Brigid said...

I was kinda hoping you weren't going to promote this so that when I'm ready there wouldn't be some huge waiting list. :-P

Brigid said...

But since that made me sound horribly selfish, let me also add that I think you're amazing for doing something like this. (And let me say thank you.)

amanda h said...

Wow! That is exactly how I feel this morning.

I second the Best. Graphic. Ever.


Alice said...

It's great you're doing this. So helpful to see examples of what not to do rather than simply being told.

Southern Writer said...

WOO HOO! LOVE the Query Snark. Uh, Shark. Yeah, Query SHARK. That's it. But damn, now there will be seven hundred entries in front of mine. What a pisser.

Shannon said...

OOPS....I almost used this graphic when I was posting about you in my blog today. Glad I didn't! Check out the one I did use though. ;-)

Enjoyed reading the blog today, and I look forward to more!


Belvoir said...

Absolutely splendid of you to do this, Janet.
Already put at the top of my bookmarks, Books division.

Piquant that I find this on the exact day a guy literally WAS killed by a shark in CA- but I am quite confident that it wasn't you. I know you're loath to leave the NYC, so I'm 99% sure that the shark in question hadn't half your erudition and good taste. No pun intended.


John Cecil said...

Ay a little chum for the fishies!

I thought the queries were well written. The response was also informative. I liked the fact checker… how old Jesus was 2000 years ago (I had to think about that one, but yeah you were right!)

ChrisEldin said...

(but where's the blood seeping through the water?)