Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gone to Boston!

I'll be at Muse in the Marketplace over the weekend, hanging out with my posse of criminally minded pals Ben Leroy, Sorche Fairbank and other assorted co-conspirators. Thankfully Eric Stone sent me those two bottles of scotch so I'll be the most popular girl at the conference.

If you're having a confab with me just remember I'm not going to bite you, yell at you, or sneer at you. Really. Don't be nervous. If it will help, write down a list of questions you want to ask. For those of you meeting me anytime before noon, coffee is our friend.

The other thing to remember is while I'm at the conference, I'm there to help you. Feel free to talk to me any time. Ask every question you can think of, or just sit around listening as we gab in the bar. Yes, you'll find us in the bar if we're not actually doing a panel or a confab session. Maybe not at 8am, then you'll find me prone at the Coffee IV station.

It's going to be a fun festive conference and I encourage everyone to get their money's worth. You're paying a lot of dough to be there; rise to the occasion.


Janet said...

"You're paying a lot of dough to be there; rise to the occasion."

Oy vey. You should be beaten with wet matzos for that one.

J.E. MacLeod said...

I'm not even going to be in Boston but I think you rock.

Bill Cameron said...

Wet matzohs, hahahah.