Friday, March 14, 2008

sheesh..I leave town and all hell breaks loose

I guess I'll never be able to leave NYC again! We've only got so many spare governors!

Just a quick update:
If you emailed me sometime after 3/6, you may not have heard back yet. I have 359 unanswered emails.

If you queried me after 3/6, you might hear from me twice (lucky you!) I answered queries while I was gone (sort of) but they are still getting pulled off the gmail server and I may answer it again. Sorry about that.

If you wondered if I was alive or dead, and you're a client, let me know. You may not have gotten the form email that went out.

If you just plain old missed me, rest assured I missed you too. This hinterlands thing is vastly overrated as amusement. Did you know it's actually QUIET out there?? As in no taxi horns? No hobos singing on street corners? No LIRR commuters shouting "move it bub" as they race for the train?

I swear, you might actually get used to that kind of bucolic stuff.
Not me though. I'm back, and I'm burning all those pictures of me standing in a kitchen with a saute pan.


Brigid said...

Welcome back. You were missed.

kitty said...

Did you know it's actually QUIET out there??

Think "My Cousin Vinny."

Welcome back :~)


Margaret Yang said...

I enjoy reading your blog and missed it while you were away.

Glad you're back.

Susan Adrian said...


Hell yes I missed you!

Eric said...


Fess up, what were you sauteing?

I was just in Las Vegas. I had a drink at the bar one night with a hooker who was complaining that "all the straight girls dress like whores, I gotta take big risks to get the guys' attention." I don't know what that has to do with your governor, but it was pretty good.

Obviously the guy wasn't smart enough to be governor anyhow. Hasn't he prosecuted more than his fair share of cases in which he caught the guys in the exact same way he was caught?

The Grump said...

Singing hobos?? My experience is the hobos are slouched against a wall with a used coffee cup. The upscale ones have a sign.

The singing ones are buskars. When you can't make money with your music in NYC, I guess you have two choices:
busking (and selling your CD) or ...
Your governor mess hit the low as well as the high.

Welcome back ...

Janet Reid said...

I can distinguish singing hobos from buskers. We have singing hobos. Honest. We also have buskers but they are better dressed. They're not always better musicians though.

Janet said...

There are pictures of you? Where?