Tuesday, October 09, 2007

oh you amuse me, you do

I ask for partials electronically now, always as a word .doc attachment.

Most of you send me files labelled title.doc.

some of you don't.

recently I got:
firstdraft.doc (ow!)

title-fixed.doc (you neutered the poor thing!)

partial Janet.doc (what part??)

and my fave so far

R-I-P.doc (which as far as I can tell was Reid-Imprint-Partial...but who knows)

There are no hard and fast rules on this; it just amused me.

One thing I have learned the hard way though is numbering and dating the versions of things I'm going back and forth on. That was a painful lesson let me assure you.


Bill Cameron said...

Be on the lookout for "from-bill_janet-this-is-the-version-with-the-fried-pickle-in-it_oh-and-I-changed-the-name-of-the-dog-to-Steve_whoever-heard-of-a-dog-named-Steve.doc"

M. G. Tarquini said...

Mine will be titled


Mags said...

"Partial Janet" sounds like a number from an intended Rocky Horror sequel. Come to think of it, so do "R-I-P" and "Title-Fixed."

Watcha got brewin' over there?

Dwight's Writing Manifesto said...

Electronic partials!

Welcome to the new millennium, Ms. Reid. Any explanation as to what tipped your business practice? Pressure from conference attendees, perhaps? Edict from the head warlock of the 212 Agents' Coven?

Are you processing your queries and partials more efficiently electronically? Or is the jury still out?

Dwight's Writing Manifesto said...

BTW, I don't want to bug you with personal email, so I'm asking here.

Any inside baseball on what happened to the Bleak House podcasts? They just stopped without so much as a farewell. Thought maybe your connection to Eric Stone might make you privvy.

I suspect some suit at the parent company put the kibosh on Ben and Company. Too much fun.

mcewen said...

Maybe they'll all just technophobes? Some of us still think of a computer as just a glorified typewriter.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Me: Bill? You were using my computer again. I told you ...

Bill E Goat: An author's gotta write ... Saayyy,how'd you know anyway?

Me: Well, there's a dried leaf stuck by the space bar and you sent an email with an attatchment. -- About that attachment? What in heck is PartialGoatsEX.doc. I don't want the FBI busting down my door.

Bill: It's a patail of my new book. I sent it to someone.

Me: but ... GoatSEX? Bill!

Bill: You have a dirty mind. All it stands for is Goats Executive. It's what my book's about. My main character, William E. Goat, III, an executive with Boeing ..."

Me: I wonder if your agent will give you a good home ...

Bill: Shush!

Bill Cameron said...

Hey! Who's been recording my phone calls?!

trenchgold said...

Oh damn,

Close your left eye
Hold your right arm at a 45-degree angle
Jump up and down three times
Say your name backwards twice

Agents. Agents. Agents. Love them. Hate them.