Wednesday, September 14, 2022

The weather has felled me again

 I get brutal headaches when the barometer dances a jig; I've been stumbling around for a couple days now with limited brain power.

Fortunately I realign with the universe fairly quickly.

And Kitty Myers gave me a great idea for a flash fiction contest, so check back on Friday.


  1. I've suffered migraines all my life including ocular migraines. As I've aged, the ocular ones have gotten worse to the point that now, not only do I see a brilliant halo, behind the halo is a black chalkboard instead of being able to see my surroundings. I'm essentially blind. So I'm taking a medication for that to keep them under control because I don't want to have one while driving!

    I also have a script for Ubrelvy for the regular migraines. That does not work for me. I've tried just about everything for mine. You might want to ask though. It might work for you. I had to get it from a compound pharmacy here though I won't refill it since it gives me no relief. But it was worth trying it. It does work for a lot of people.

    Get better!!

  2. If they are sinus headaches, take one Claritin~D (12 hour is best, but 24 hour is ok). It must be the behind the counter D version not the regular kind. And 2 Advil. It’s a miracle cure for sinus headaches.

  3. I hope you feel better.

  4. I hope you feel better soon. You will unless it is the political barometer dancing. That is going to take until November, at least, to change.

    I'm used to all politicians lying, but this one left the cake out in the rain.

  5. yippie. I mean feel better. But Friday....things are looking up...feel better.

  6. That's my exact migraine/headache weather too, Janet! Super "fun" this time of year.

  7. You have my utmost sympathy. Weather migraines have been hitting me hard this season, too. I hope you feel better soon.


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