Wednesday, August 03, 2022

What I was doing instead of writing a blog post


One of my editor pals likes to torment me with delicious new books.

This is the latest one.

Got it in the mail yesterday (Tuesday) and that was the end of getting anything else done!

Are you reading something that's keeping you from your to do list?


  1. No fair. It's not being released until March 14, 2023. :~(

  2. This isn't a book I'm currently reading - finished it a bit ago, and absolutely loved it: PONY by R.J. Palacio

    Current read is THREE STONES MAKE A WALL - The Story of Archaeology by Eric Cline. It's fascinating but way smarter than I am. I only go to it when I'm in the mood and I take it in small doses.


  3. The Thursday Murder Club and its sequel The Man Who Died Twice. Really really really good.

  4. Currently toggling between Sal and Gabi Break the Universe, by Carlos Hernandez (hilarious MG) and A Woman of No Importance, by Sonia Purnell (adult NF for my bookclub, pretty gripping stuff!).

  5. "Shakespeare and the Resistance" by Clare Asquith. Not fiction, though a source of much plot fodder for anyone who writes historicals. I finally found out why Shakespeare wrote the most boring poems of all time - 'The Rape of Lucrece' and 'Venus and Adonais'. Turns out they are more than they seem; not boring at all but seriously seditious. Making Elizabethan England come alive.

  6. Gideon the Ninth.
    I’ve been putting off rewriting my artist statement. The one I have to ten years old and I never was happy with it.

    Give me half a dozen random words and permission to split them and I can usually come up wit flash fiction I’m proud of in a couple of hours.

    Writing 100 words about the art, though, that’s a struggle. It’s like writing a query letter blurb with no plot and characters, trying to get the feelings I want you to get looking at my paintings. Then there’s the expectation that it should be erudite and important sounding and a lot of artist statements end up sounding like a load of BS. But I have contact at a gallery so it’s time to turn in my #2 pencil for a #2 shovel.

    I did finally get my website up.

  7. Last month my husband bought me a 540 page book (not counting the annexes, glossary,etc.) on physics for my birthday. I love reading about physics (astro, quantum, etc.) even though I don't understand the half of it. And when they start on their equations, well my eyes glaze over. It's called Dieu La Science Les Preuves - L'Aube d'Une Révolution by Michel-Yves Bolloré and Olivier Bonnassies. Like Melanie, this book will be read in small doses.

  8. I'm reading THE TALENTED MISS FARWELL, which Luralee might enjoy because it centers on the art world. And crime, of course, is at the heart of it.

    I'm also listening to THE STORY GRID podcast, which is currently studying a rewriting of an Ed McBain short story.

    Both of these events are making me wonder about the line between originality and ... whatever is at the other end of the line well short of plagiarism. So I've jumped on the bandwagon and written my own crime story version of Hemingway's HILLS LIKE WHITE ELEPHANTS. Thoroughly enjoyed the exercise, and maybe I'll submit it after polishing.

    Back to my book. Oh, wait, work. Ugh!

  9. Always. Maybe I'll start putting "read a chapter" on my to-do list and then I'll cross something off!

  10. I'm reading The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton. The first chapters were slow, but as I got further into the book I got hooked. Very strange story and not my usual kind of thing, but it keeps calling me back when I should be doing other, more productive things.

  11. My most recent read was Inge's War: A German Woman's Story of Family, Secrets, and Survival Under Hitler, written by Svenja O'Donnell the granddaughter of Inge. Inge was an East Prussian from Konigsberg/Kaliningrad. Bits of analytical history mixed in with Inge's story, which I found gripping.

  12. I am just filling in all of the long series I missed parts of. Sandford, Kay, and Connelly.

  13. I'm reading the riot act at the Day Job instead of preparing for the RWAus conference next weekend. Sucks muchly.

  14. Steve Cavanaugh's Eddie Flynn thrillers have kept me from getting a lot of work done this year. His latest came out last month. I'm still waiting to get my mitts on it. Once I do, my to-do list will be shot.

    It's probably worth it.

  15. Am I reading something that keeps me from my laundry, writing, food shopping, writing,vacuuming, writing, walking my two miles a day, writing, sleeping, NOT from eating though, I can eat and read at the same time...Hell yes. I discovered Lisa Gardner.
    Gotta go, just bought another of her 29 novels. Too bad she's not a prolific writer.

  16. I'm always in the middle of about half a dozen novels. Depending on my mood, I'll flit from story to story.

    My favorite of those current ~six is Alex Flinn's BEASTLY. I watched the movie with my sister a thousand times, years ago, so I know what's going to happen even though I've never read the novel. The soundtrack goes through my head when I read the story and I guess it's sort of a comfort read. Even though the m.c. is a real jerk.

  17. Cecilia, I'm just about to start The Man Who Died Twice. Glad to hear it's as good as its predecessor.

    Her Grace, I shall see you at said conference next week :) (although I am not allowing myself to get excited until I am actually on the plane AND in the sky, on the leg to Perth).

    Haha 2Ns, I was lucky enough to have discovered her years ago.

    As for me, I've just been rereading Kerry Greenwood's Corinna Chapman books because a friend gave me the latest release in the series (after an 8 year hiatus). The latest is "The Spotted Dog" and I am saving that for the 8 hour trip to conference this week. I need something so I don't notice the time! If you aren't familiar with the series I highly recommend it. It's a contemporary cozy, unlike her Phryne Fisher books.


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