Saturday, August 27, 2022

Vacation day N+1


Wait, I have to go back to work?

I'm dawdling as fast as I can!

What are you doing this weekend?


  1. I'm supposed to be catching up on work that piled up due to writing and then write some more.
    Instead I'm on your blog reading things :D
    Who doesn't love procrastinating?
    (Other than my clients and agents I assume) :D

  2. It's raining! Yay! I'm enjoying my tea and reveling in the gray day. And I hurt my ankle yesterday, helping the parents clean their shed. I took a coil of wires off a nail and an old iron hinge bounced off my ankle. Swollen. Tender. So I have a good excuse to just sit.

    But no excuse for not getting at my story. OK, but first breakfast.

  3. Today is a mad rush to clear everything on my to-do list because tomorrow I have to go in early to finish payroll in time to meet the rest of the family for hubby's birthday lunch at our friend's Chinese restaurant. Alternating writing, cleaning, and laundry plus a little break time to feed the birds and squirrels and weed my garden.

  4. Supposed to be polishing my book for querying next month but my heart is too broken to do anything. My pug, Frankie, was diagnosed with liver cancer yesterday. I am hoping to get a few more months with her, another year..but it didn't sound like that is possible. I am taking her to a specialist Tuesday.

  5. Just finished a Joyce Carol Oates short. Now it's time to work on my own. This year is short stories, next year it's back to long form.

    So sorry for your news, E.M..

  6. EM Goldsmith, I'm so sorry to hear that. It's never easy. Stock up on petting, treats, and tail wags, and know she'll be with you forever in your heart.

  7. My weekend just coming to a close. It's been mostly spent on house chores (such an exciting life I lead).

    EM, my heart breaking for you.

  8. Seems like after a vacation, when catching up on all those missed chores, emails, etc. the thought always crosses my mind, was the time away worth it? But the answer is always, yes, it absolutely was.


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