Monday, August 22, 2022

Toot toot tootsie goodbye



  1. How delightful! I can't wait for our summer months to get here!

  2. That looks lovely. I grew up in Margate, summers on the beach, ice-cream, donuts and donkey rides. I miss that.

  3. Gorgeous. Growing up on a couple of rivers, I spent many a childhood day, biking to the beach and canoeing with camping gear.

  4. I have a sudden urge to watch the movie Trading Places.

  5. Beautiful! (And now I, too, can feel the warm sand on my feet though I'm far from a beach.) Hope it's a great vacation.

    John Davis Frain, I'm thinking about buying a pound bag of M&Ms for a prop if/when I need a new author photo.

  6. Enjoy! You deserve every minute of it!

  7. Sharks have feet?!

    Wait, this is your next victim, isn't it? That's why her toes are going missing. It all makes sense now.

    P.S. Enjoy! Hope you brought your bucket and spade. Who says sandcastles aren't for grown ups?


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