Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Resource for writers

No matter where you are in the publication process, knowing about publicity and marketing is a requirement.

One of the best ways to get started on that is to subcribe to Dana Kaye's newsletter.

Her last one had this succinct helpful breakdown:

Publicity is earned media coverage. It is a media outlet like a magazine or website covering you and your business. You can’t control the message or when the piece runs. It’s not pay-to-play.

Marketing on the other hand is placed media. It's YOUR social media content, YOUR newsletters, and YOUR website. It’s a Facebook ad, a billboard, or a sponsored Instagram post. You can control the message and when it runs, but because it's coming from you, it doesn't hold the same amount of clout, and in the case of advertising, it costs money.

I subscribe to her newsletter and I have found value in all of them.

I've been in publishing for more than 30 years now, 10 of those in pubicity.

I still learn from her, and I'm glad of it. 

Publicity and marketing are very fluid areas of expertise.

Some of the things I relied on 20+ years ago aren't even relevent now.

And there are a lot of new things I'm learning, just like everyone who's starting out.


  1. Ooh, this is wonderful! (Both this post and Dana Kaye's website.) I just subscribed to Dana Kaye's newsletter. Thanks, Janet.

  2. Thanks so much for this, Janet! I'm six months from the launch of Queen of the West, my biography of Dale Evans, and Kaye's newsletter looks very helpful.

  3. Dana Kaye was one of the first resources I learned about from the blog. The marketing stuff is the most unnatural space for me as a writer to cover so it is good to have a source that gives a straight, forward instruction guide. Dana Kaye gives really great information when the time comes. Or even before it begins.

  4. If you allow yourself, you can learn anywhere.

  5. I'm glad you posted this, Janet, because I had subscribed to her newsletter ages ago, and then promptly forgot about it. Your post made me realise I've never received a newsletter so off to sign-up again. Fingers crossed it works this time.

  6. thanks for the resource!


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