Thursday, September 09, 2021

I've been wayl-aid!


Excuse me, but I think you forgot something.

I've been caught up watching movies for film pitches on a couple clients.

I have a very tough job, don't I?

Waylon thinks that's no excuse for not posting today.


  1. Those gorgeous eyes speak volumes.

  2. It's a great reason!

    And I think Waylon must be very forgiving.

  3. I'm just stuck in your sentence and why you watch movies but pitch films. I would have thought that you watched movies for movie pitches but maybe it's just another thing to confuse people like me. 🤣

    Hello doggy!

  4. It's a great reason. Enjoy. We'll wait. However long you wish.

  5. A cross between Waylon and No Excuses, MAMAS DON'T LET YOUR BABIES GROW UP TO BE LIT AGENTS is OA (Old Adult) and complete at 212 words. Thank you for your consideration.


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