Saturday, December 05, 2009

Query Status update

I've replied to all the queries I've received by email and by post.

If you queried me you have gotten either:
1. the dreaded form rejection (sorry, I'm clearly out of my mind)

1.5 the not-quite-so-dreaded, but still clearly wrong, personalized "not for me"

2. the less-dreaded "I need more time" email

3. the even less dreaded, but more terrifying, request for a full

If you did NOT get any of those, go here to
Query Letter Diagnostics.

Resend if you get all the way to #10 and don't see what went wrong.


Travener said...

You know, I had to go back through my e-mail to see if mine was a No. 1 or a No. 1.5... I think it was the first time I noticed your tag line, "P.S. There's no need to reply to this e-mail." I think if I were in your position I might write, "Hey, Moron, there's no need..."

I admire your restraint.

Ray said...

I appreciate the effort you put into communicating this status. I'm OK with rejection, it's silence that drives me bonkers.

Sharon Mayhew said...

I think you deserve a mixed drink to celebrate your inbox status. Have a good rest of the weekend. :)

_*Rachel*_ said...

Aw, where'd the FTC compliance go? You're gonna get sued now... ;(

Linda Rader said...

Is this a Girl's Scout Badge?

cardiogirl said...

I thought the same thing Linda did!

Is that a Girl Scout Badge and if so, does it go on the front of the vest (indicating it was earned) or does it go on the back as a fun patch?

(I'm an anal-retentive Daisy Girl Scout leader. I'm sure you didn't notice.)

David Byck said...

17 Sept, 2010

Dear Janet,

I noticed you have responded to all queries as of 12 Sept, 2010. Congratulations. I’m sure this is not an easy task.

However, I emailed you a query package on both 1 Sept, and 11 Sept. and have not received a reply. I did go through your query diagnostics and I was guilty of cc’ing myself on the first one. I’m wondering if my emails are not getting through because I am now outside America. If you have not received it can I post you a copy?

Thank you. Great blog,

The Silent Patriots

Easy Ed said...

The wonderful thing about writing is that there are so many degrees of flagellation when rejection is involved.

Kristina said...

You are so refreshingly hilarious. I want to write a book just so we can laugh about something together!

Love the blog!