Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Blog Hiatus Day Three

I'm at ThrillerFest this week, making writers miserable from 9-5.
I thought it would be fun to see reading/writing spaces from the blog community.

My writing space for the ten months of the year that I’m stuck indoors, complete with a blanket in case I forget to feed the fire. The ever faithful Molly is, of course, not by my side as she prefers to lie in front of the wood stove.  

My writing space for July and August complete with the ever faithful Molly, who believes that throwing her ball is more important than writing the next NYT bestseller.


Megan V said...

First comment of the day and all I really want to do is sing into that chair in that picture with a good book. It looks the the perfect reading chair. And all the lovely green on the outside space makes me a little bit homesick for the Midwest. I just want to sit there with a glass of lemonade. I’d be happy to volunteer as ball thrower for such a great pup.

Thanks for sharing Brenda!

CynthiaMc said...

We've been super busy at work (I'm about to go into OT already) but wanted to say I'm enjoying seeing everyone's writing space.

Katja said...

So we're travelling from hot Arizona to the North West Territories of Canada? Cooooool! Oh, literally most of the time. The good thing is I LOVE snow and ice, and I hope that that's what we see through that window?!

I note that this author has her favourite coffee mug - very typical, I suppose.

Megan, how do you sing into a chair? Paint the picture, please ;)!

KD James and Lennon, thank you SO much for your comments (well, ACTIONS!) late yesterday. I saw them at 3am when I'd woken up as I went into Blog-Land. Then I was so happy :). <3

Claire Bobrow said...

I'm really enjoying these posts!

Janet, could it be time to launch that long-overdue reality show, Reef Dwellers? You'd be the host and would travel from city to city touring places people read and write. Your co-host, Melanie Sue Bowles, would profile their animal companions.

The rest of us would be glued to our screens, doing what writers do best: procrastinating! Or throwing balls to faithful companions, like Brenda's adorable Molly :-)

Lennon Faris said...

Ooh, where do you live that 10 months you are inside?? Even (southern) Alaska is lovely for longer (and even more if you like snowy darkness).

Looks like a good place to write, wherever it is.

Brenda said...

I exaggerate to garner sympathy, although we were just in Alaska and it was way warmer than home. Plus 30 in Skagway!

Craig F said...

You can't exaggerate that much. Talk about cabin fever, brrr. I live in Florida for a reason, I freeze at +50F. Then again, there is a reason H.P. Lovecraft put out such fine horror, he lived in Maine.

I do like a good fireplace, but it would really run up our air conditioning bills. We haven't seen a freeze here in over 12 years. The fleas love it.

The deck looks like a neat place to hang too.

Brenda said...

It is lovely.

Lennon Faris said...

Skagway: a place I'd like to visit some day!

Megan V said...

I'm with you Lennon, I'd love to visit Skagway.

And Katja "sing"ing into a chair really is quite simple.

Step one: perform a marvelous faceplant.
Step two: repeat the following words "I see a little silhouetto of a man.."
If you can't figure out step three, well then you've never really, truly, honest-to-goodness experienced Bohemian Rhapsody, which can be sung anywhere at any time and to anything.

Lisa Bodenheim said...

What a great outdoor setting to have.