Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Marathon Day!

The streets start out pretty empty. The police are the first sign of the coming runners

These guys had the best seats in the house!

Pace car for the elite women! This is mile 11-she's here in under an hour.

Here she comes!

and she's all alone. I've never seen a leader this far in front before.

the next elite women are almost 2 full minutes back at Mile 11

The third wave of elite women-notice the guy filming for TV

And there they go. They move past me in two seconds--literally.

Time car for the elite men-notice it's less than the womens, even though later.

Here they come!

The orange shoes!

Soon the streets get full-these are the early runners.

These kids were having such a good time cheering!

the streets are full now, and will be for an hour

I was actually afraid to lean into the street to retrieve Steph's hat!

And these are the marathoners who define grit and determination.


Ali Trotta said...

These pictures are wonderful. So amazing. Thanks for sharing!

Anne-Marie said...

It looks like the weather gods were kind today too. Great photos!

Feaky Snucker said...

While marathons are not something I've ever wanted to do, I respect the hell out of anyone who does them. I'll just be over here eating this cupcake, and sipping this super strong coffee, admiring the pics.

Gretchen said...

Wow, you had a front row seat! Thanks for hte pictures, Janet.

That women's race was amazing! Keitany had more than a 3 minute lead at one point, which is a huge distance at those speeds. Seeing the next two women catch her in that last mile was intense - she really tried to hold them off! I still respect her for going for it early, even though she couldn't hang on.

Ah, nothing says drama like a good, close race.

jesse said...

Nice pics. :)

Kim Kasch said...

OMG what a treat! Thanks for allowing me to live vicariously for a moment.

I ran my first half marathon this past June. Hoping to run my first full this year at Pacific Crest or maybe even the Portland Marathon. I'm working toward it...

Mark said...

Aloha Janet,

Great pics, and good for you for sticking it out for so long.

Have you ever ran one yourself? (They say anyone who does falls into two categories... those who get hooked and those who'll *never* run again!)

I'll be running Honolulu 2012 (my 10th, but that's it, I'm quitting afterward:)

PS. Mahalo again for mentioning me in the finalist's list on your recent contest. I wrote a quick blog mentioning this and got a ton of comments (for me, anyway:)

Travis Erwin said...

Great post. Loved the different look at this event.