Wednesday, October 05, 2011

I love the "if you like" shelf talkers at bookstores.

I was strolling around the website for Murder By the Book in Houston, Texas recently and saw this headline:

If you like Louise Penny...

Well, heck yes I like Louise Penny.
I LOVE Louise Penny.
I REVERE Louise Penny.

I think Louise Penny is one of the most amazing writers ever and her new book A TRICK OF THE LIGHT is utterly breathtaking.

So heck yes I'm going to read G. M. Malliet.

I have a whole year to wait for the next Louise Penny book so I've got time!


Laurel said...

I love those, too. And I've bought/found a lot of new-to-me authors from Amazon suggestions and the "customers who purchased this also purchased these titles."

wry wryter said...

I use Amazon as a shelf talker.

Louise Penny, never heard of her, so after your glowing words I decided to ‘Amazon’ a free read.
Still Life, her debut novel, popped up so I read the ‘first pages’. I know your post was about Malliet but OMG thanks to you I have discovered Penny. I am resisting a ‘worth every cent’ remark.

As a writer her opening makes me feel like a freshman in room full of second year grad students.
Thanks; I’ll get to Malliet after Penny.

Mindy McGinnis said...

As a YA librarian I use the, "If you liked..." all the time. It's a great way to move from, "I need a book for a project, any book," to "Huh, that actually sounds pretty good."

JS said...

Louise Penny is so awesome. I am delighted to know you are a fellow fan, Ms. Janet!

Someday I'll make it to a Bouchercon and buy you a drink in honor of what seems like our shared taste in mysteries.

JS said...

Also (even though it goes against all my DAR heritage to be this self-promoting), I think you might enjoy following my book-a-day Twitter reviews (@booktweeting) if you aren't already, just because we seem to have a bunch of enthusiasms in common.

(That slight disturbance registering on East Coast seismographs is my grandmother and great-aunts turning over in their graves.)

Lori said...

Swoon. Thanks for the rec.

Janet Reid said...

JS, my sainted granny is also askew in her grave for MANY things I've done. However, I don't think you're too over the top on this.

Ricky Bush said...

Murder By The Book in Houston is the best dinged danged mystey bookstore on the planet.

Feaky Snucker said...

My favourite part of being a librarian is suggesting other books people might like, and the glow of satisfaction when they loved those books I recommended. But it's just as good when a patron comes in and suggests something for me, and I love it:)