Saturday, August 06, 2011

Hot time in the old town tonight-ok, next week

Yowza! Andrew Grant and Brad Thor doing a joint appearance. Talk about motivation to get even ME out of NYC and on my broom to Chicago.

August 12. Stevenson High School auditorium in Lincolnshire, IL.

Details here!


Steve Stubbs said...

Chicago is beautiful - and should be cooler than New York this time of year. You may not want to go back. If you decide to stay in Chicago let me know so I can go back to NY and sublet your apartment and office and take over all your accounts and minions and stuff.

Pamala Knight said...

This was a FANTASTIC event! Thanks for the heads up. Andrew and Brad were a hilarious and informative literary tag team. I'd already bought DIE TWICE since my other loved EVEN, but dumbass that I am, I forgot to bring it. Thus, I missed my chance to get them both signed.

Anyway, thanks again for the alert.