Sunday, June 12, 2011

Agent speed dating!

Of course I stole this idea from BookEnds LLC! Their blog is terrific, and if you're not reading it regularly, you're missing out on great information.

Here's my entry:

Name: Janet Reid

Speed date bio: Literary agent with FinePrint Literary Management. I work with an extraordinary group of talented people. I keep the QueryShark blog that eats queries for breakfast.

Currently reading: I always have several books going at once. Right now it's Claire DeWitt and the City of the Dead by Sara Gran; and The Metaphysical Club by Louis Menard.

Next on your reading list: (subject to change!) GOOD NEIGHBORS by Ryan David Jahn; IN THE GARDEN OF BEASTS by Erik Larson.

Facebook or Twitter:
Twitter definitely: Janet_Reid

Three authors living or dead you would want to have dinner with:
Margaret Mitchell, Mark Twain, Richard Hugo

Three characters you would want to have dinner with:
Jack Reacher, Jack Reacher, Jack Reacher

Ok, that's cheating.
Jack Reacher, Elvis Cole, Rhett Butler

Jetsetter or armchair traveler:
Armchair these days.  I used to love to travel but now you need a crowbar to pry me out of NYC.

Glass ½ full or ½ empty:
I love what Jessica Faust said: "1/2 full and then some!"  Me tooo!

Tea or Coffee:
Iced tea; hot coffee

Ereader or Print book:
I love print. I didn't know how much I loved it till I got my Kindle. I love my Kindle for mss and for quick peeks inside books, but for Sunday morning on the couch, nothing beats a print book.  I'm glad I don't really have to choose.

Morning person or Evening person:
Night owl by nature; morning person by necessity.  I should move to London so I can start work at 5pm!

Working soundtrack:
This and this


Julie Weathers said...

Ha, I love this. And I miss visiting with you via twitter and other means.

*Sends cookies, hugs and generous about of scotch to keep that glass more than half full*

Joelle said...

Fun! Love the music. You know the teen fiddler who is in my book trailer and wrote a tune to go with my book? Sarah Tradewell...she also plays classical viola. Check these KIDS out. Now go fetch your socks from across the room. Amazing, eh?

Debra Lynn Lazar said...

I'd ask you out. And, love the music. ;-)

Lauren said...

You and Rhett Butler??? Give him a break, Janet. The poor man doesn't even know how to swim.

*laughing hysterically*

M.E. said...

Fun post, Janet! Jack Reacher, eh? Checking out your current book list, too.

jjdebenedictis said...

People always fail to realize that glass half-empty is a good thing when the glass contains scotch.

It means you've just had half a glass of scotch and there's another half to go.

Sir John said...

The glass depends on if it is cheap wine or Chivas.

As far as getting up is concerned,always remember the early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

BW said...


I would pick Margaret Mitchell and Rhett Butler too.

However, I am suprised that you didn't pick Peter Benchley.

jesse said...

Moving to London and starting the day at 5 sounds great, count me in.

Michael Seese said...

If you hang out with the right folks, your glass is never half empty. It gets down a bit, then just seems to magically re-fill itself. Somewhat like an experience I once had at a bar in Geneva...