Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Steve Ulfelder

The Associated Press has some very nice things to say about Purgatory Chasm!

PURGATORY CHASM gets a starred review in PW!

I loved this line in the Gumshoe Review of PURGATORY CHASM:
"He can do much more with a hammer than hit people with it."

A writer I've long admired, Victor Gischler, weighed in with some very nice comments too!

Bruce DeSilva, no slouch as a writer himself, was one of the early, very positive reviews!

I couldn't actually read the MetroWest Daily Review, I was too enchanted by that Hot Author Dude photo!  yowza!

Steve answers 8 Questions at The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog!

Even the international set is in favor of Conway Sax!

“The tough, working class setting and the no-nonsense, wisecrack-free tone will get under your fingernails, and fans of George Pelecanos will dig the eye for workingman, hands-on detail that race car driver and first-time novelist Ulfelder exhibits—whether Conway is drywalling a house, stumbling through a murder investigation, or simply trying to do the right thing, there’s a veracity and empathy that shows the author himself isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty; or apply a little elbow grease when it comes to plotting… More, please.”
–Mystery Scene

“A mystery that brings readers through a whodunit to an ending people don’t see coming.”

–Hingham Journal

Steve can be reached via his website or at his blog. My favorite blog post of his remains this one about Paul Newman.


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