Yes, this is filled with whisky

Yes, this is filled with whisky

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Divergent on sale today.

I've been waiting for months for this to go on sale so I can talk to people about it!

Buy it now so I can!


Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

I read an Arc of this last week. Loved it. So much.
It's like Hunger Games meets The Giver.

Shaunna said...

I won an ARC of this on one of your contests. I loved it. I loaned it to a friend, and she loved it. I recommend it to everybody.

Bane of Anubis said...

Currently reading. Great pacing, tension, introspection. Not sure I trust the author's world, though, if that makes sense.

christwriter said...

...and I just took money to the bank to save up for a new computer. Which means my bank card is loaded again.

Damn it.

*Goes to Amazon*
*Clicks "buy"*

Janet, you are no good for my bank account. I trust your taste too much to miss out.

Anita said...

I think I need a copy. Thinking. Thinking.

christwriter said...

*reads last page*

I do not know if I should celebrate the awesome or go curl up into a very small ball and sob until the pain goes away. That was ...DAMN.

I loved the world, I loved the concepts, and OMG landscape of fear, keep that simulation sh*t far away from my brain stem.

That was not *quite* as awesome as Catching Fire (sob FINIC O'DARE WE MISS YOU) but oh my god. Am I correct in suspecting there is to be more in this series? If so, this terrifies me in a very awesome way. Excellent. Thank you for posting it. Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU.

*Clicks back to beginning and starts book all over again*

Joanna said...


Elanor Lawrence said...

Divergent.... I cannot wait to read this book.... I'd have bought it already besides for that I'm entered in several contests for it and I want to win it instead b/c I'm cheap. :)

ryan field said...

I love the title of this book. I don't want to get into metaphysics on a comment thread in detail, but there's a strong "frequency" about the cover that is extremely appealing.

laughingpaws said...

Thanks for keeping me up until almost 4 am this morning. "One Click Buy" is just too dangerous on Amazon when paired with free Kindle book on my LG phone. Sigh, dog boy didn't Really need to eat Twice a day this month, right?

I'm not sure if I love it yet, but it is a compelling read.

bfav said...

I've been literally salivating for this book to come out. I've read amazing reviews. It's my treat for tomorrow.