Monday, January 03, 2011

Mer_Bear @ fplm .com?

We have two Merediths at FinePrint.

One is an agent.

One is a godsend.

The agent was here first, so she got the email address that follows our pattern: Meredith@FPLM

What do we do with Mer-Bear?

Mer-Bear is a terrific name, and lots of fun but she does make business calls and some lame-o is sure to ask her if it's Mer-Bare, so that one is out.

We wanted it to be easy to remember, so nothing with a number. Besides she's really not Meredith2.
More like MeredithExponential.

As we were gnawing on the dilemma, swimming about in the reef, the perfect suggestion surfaced:

Great guffaws all around of course, but I kind of like it.
I wonder if I can talk them into changing mine to ApexPredator @FPLM


Kristin Laughtin said...

I think it's cute, although if her last name is not actually Bear, it might cause some confusion.

Josin L. McQuein said...

Poor Mer-ber of the lair!

She has to grin and bear it when all those Mer-Bare mistakes happen. Though, I'm sure she could bear to explain that should they query Mer-bare, that inbox is bare, and so won't help them. And should anyone make a joke about Mer being bare, she shouldn't have to bear that at all, as it's a professional office and morale just doesn't bear up under that sort of thing. Or the sharkly one could simply bare her pearly whites and scare them off.

(I think I may have actually sprained something writing that.)

Snarky Writer said...

I love that the first thing I thought FPLM stood for was "facepalm."

*slinks out*

Sarah W said...

I like Devoted_Guppy at fplm dot com. . .

But it would probably be difficult to switch from Ursus godsendus to Poecilia devotii.

Simon Hay Soul Healer said...

What are those fish called that swim beside sharks and clean them? Mer-bear is kind of cool, and good for social media branding.

Janet Reid said...

Simon, Mer-Bear has quite a list of responsibilities in the Lair, but cleaning the sharks...oh wait, she does vacuum them, you're right.


amy said...

theothermeredith at fplm dot com

Because guppies never grow into sharks. Maybe someday she will!

Meredith Barnes said...

Guys. We're thinking too small here. My vote, and go with me here, is that I take the name of a fellow Lair-Lurker each workday. Weekends are wildcard days--I answer (or not) to whatever I want. Email addresses correspond to the name I've chosen each day, with a minute modification to maximize confusion: suzie.@FPLM for Wednesday, for instance.

dylan said...

Dear Ms Reid,

Or the Pilot Fish.

The Remora is more like a stowaway pan-handler. The Pilot Fish tidies up the teefs.


amy said...

Meredith, I wish this was like facebook. I would "like" your comment all the way over the rainbow.

That would be so cool!