Thursday, May 06, 2010

Add this to your google reader

This is a site by three delightful writers raising money for Nashville flood relief.

You'll want to subscribe to the blog, or follow it. Some of the upcoming auction items might be of interest. Here's a visual clue:

Meanwhile there's some good stuff up there now, and I'm lurking in the comment columns just waiting to chomp at the last minute.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

You're not wasting my time

If you send me a query, and you've revised it more than once, read it aloud, and proofed it, you're not wasting my time by sending it. No matter what.

It might not be something I want to read; how will we know unless you query?
It might be something that doesn't fit what I do really well; how will we know unless you query?

It might make me scream bloody murder and hide under the covers (Score! Query for the Win!); how will we know unless you query?

Short point to this post: You are not wasting my time by querying even if it's not right for me. I want you to query. (I want you to query WELL which is the point of all this ranting on the blog and but even bad queries are better than none.)

You are my farm team. I need a bunch of you coming up the ranks to write great novels. I mean someone has to give the slithery Barbara Poelle a run for her money.

Stealing blithely from the blog posts of others

I was merrily tripping through the interwebs this morning and came across Jennifer Jackson's (as always) useful blog. (Well, came across implies I don't have it ensconced on my google reader: you bet I do!)

Jennifer has a post up about her query stats, but is also looking at revising her submission guidelines to be more helpful. I'm always willing to steal a good idea so I've blithely lifted her final paragraph, and posted it here.

(1) What is most helpful to you in submission guidelines?
(2) What is least?
(3) What questions about queries can be addressed in guidelines without making the specifics overly complicated?

I hope to find a balance between an overwhelming amount of information (which will only slow the process down) and providing enough information.

Thanks for any insight you can provide from the writer side of the equation.

Here are the places I list submission guidelines:

On the blog: how to send electronic query for a novel,
query letter checklist;

On my website: Query Information;

If you'd like to answer in the comment column, great. If you want to send an email, also fine.
Remember, short emails are hard to write. Long emails are hard to read. As in all things, finding the correct balance takes more than one revision.

Don't let the goggles fool you

Sean Ferrell is one of the funniest guys I know. His wicked sense of humor takes many forms, most noticeably a changing array of avatar photos on twitter. You've seen one already.

But don't let the goggles fool you. Sean Ferrell is a writer of extraordinary talent. You'll be able to see that for yourself when his debut novel NUMB is published on August 3. (You could even pre-order it now and beat the rush)

You can also see for yourself in his blog post today on writing.

One of the very best parts of this job is hearing writers talk about how their novels get better. I'm fascinated by that process. I think you will be too.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

At Malice Domestic this weekend?

Just a heads up (and it's late notice, I know!) that one of the auction items at Malice Domestic is breakfast with Dana Cameron, my fabulous client, and her sharkly agent (that would be me).

In fact, you and your body guard can both come: it's breakfast for two plus the two of us, here at the Malice hotel on Sunday. Part of the deal is I'll read your pages as we swill coffee and contemplate the evil that is dawn.

And just in case you wonder if I'm actually looking forward to meeting you at some dreadful hour, let me say this: I'm reading the full manuscript of the person who won this item last year. I'm not sure who was more shocked when I read her pages at the breakfast, looked up and said "holy moly, this is GOOD!" The author made me write it down for her on a slip of paper and sign and date it. I hounded her for the full for months.

So, get your bid in. I'm REALLY hoping history repeats itself this year.