Yes, this is filled with whisky

Yes, this is filled with whisky

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Novel Road reveals deeply troubling info about Jeff Somers

This interview with Jeff Somers reveals some very disturbing new information about him.

What do you think it is:


Marisa Birns said...

Justin Bieber. Wow.

I travel a lot on New Jersey Turnpike going back and forth to New York City from Washington, D.C. I know all the rest stops.

Simon Hay Soul Healer said...

Yes to everything. I'm seeing a pattern here. I think I need to be funnier and drink more. I must re-evaluate my querying process. You have cool clients.

Steve Stubbs said...

The truth is obviously that he cannot out drink his agent. His agent can drink him under the table. His agent can drink ANYBODY under the table. Jeff Somers' agent can hold more liquor than a supermarket. So, having said that:

Who is Jeff Somers' agent?

CKHB said...

I'm still trying to get over the fact that Jeff was born, raised, and is still residing in... NJ.

Janet Reid said...

So is New Jersey

Steve Stubbs said...

OK, OK, which fine agent at Fine Print did this youtube video?