Saturday, October 09, 2010

PS we caterwauled enough to make him stop

"The first reaction that some people might have when you say that you wrote two novels longhand is that you are insane."

well, yea, this is, after all, Sean Ferrell you're talking to.


Elizabeth Lynd said...

I wrote my first two longhand, and like Sean was asked in his interview, I did find the transcription was the first edit. But I do find it inefficient, and the interview pointed out some similarity of excuses I share with Sean. So it was good to read and know, yes, I can get over some of those false hurdles, too. Thanks for pointing me toward this. Good stuff to chew on this morning.

ryan field said...

I did have a published editorial client once who wrote all his books in long hand first and I had to type it on Word for him. When I didn't have time to do it anymore, he almost lost his mind trying to find someone else who could understand his handwriting. And I'm still getting phone calls for "emergencies" like speeches and lectures, which I don't turn down because I love his writing so much.

Sarah W said...

Writers aren't insane . . . they're differently realitied. Or as my husband puts it, OCD high maintenance.

While I don't usual write entire novels longhand (Nanowrimo is an exception), I'm a hardwired note scribbler---little plot points and bits of future dialogue, the next scene or a character sketch.

I sort them out chronologically, stick 'em in a folder, and use them as I go---or not, but they do give me a better sense of the story (and make me feel productive at the day job).

Che Gilson said...

I write longhand as well and I don't think I'll ever stop. I can't think on a computer screen and the only things I type as I write them are my Otaku USA manga reviews.