Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holy Moly!

Dateline: FinePrint Literary Management, yesterday, noon

Stephany to Janet: Are you coming in today?
J to S: yup, be there around 3.

some minutes later:

Amy to Janet: Are you coming in today?
J to A: yea, 3ish, like usual.

25 seconds later:

Joanna to Janet: where are you?

J to J: I'm on the phone, why?
J to J: Are you coming in ?
J to J: What the hell is going on there? Why is everyone wondering where I am?

15 seconds later:

Asssssistant to Janet: There's a riot near your desk
J to Assssist: what the hell is going on there??
Asssist to J: I'm not sure. Clawing, scratching, biting. Much texting.

1 hour later:

Amy/Stephany/Joanna/Heather/Nancy/Laura: Thank HELVETICA you're here!!!


One of my ferociously talented clients, who probably fully realized the near-riot that would ensue, sent a large lovely box of Godiva!

Thank you Steve!! You totally rock.
(I'd say more, but my mouth is full of truffle!)


Crimogenic said...

oooh, truffles, yummy. You are a lucky lady, Miss Janet. By the way, I'm sure that your slippery assistant got the biggest share.

BJ said...

Humph. Snakes aren't slippery. In fact, they kind of feel rubbery. And they can be lots of fun to have around your shoulders, wowing little kids who think that snakes are slippery... which they're not.

(Have I earned a truffle?)

Susan said...


Um, sorry 'bout that....
Enjoy your gift, and the joy of having such wonderful clients!

Julie Weathers said...

So, they weren't actually interested in you?

What a nice thing to have clients who totally understand you and colleagues who are so concerned about you.

December/Stacia said...

Ha! My Godiva gifts for my agent & editor arrived today as well. It's Godiva Day in NY!

BookEnds, LLC said...

Ah yes, for agents it truly is the most chocolatey time of year

KP Sheridan said...

Hmmm...Godiva chocolates WITH a Query Letter?

Joelle said...

Caramel cookies, petit fours - my biz shopping is done. The chocolate season is upon publishing. It sure makes it easy for us writers to shop! Or is that "we" writers. Hmmm...I better visit big orange. No...I think I was right the first time. I know I'm right about the chocolate anyway.

BJ said...

You know, I've been to NYC twice, and both times we wound up near a Godiva's, but it was closed. Both times, we said we'd go back later, when it was open again. Both times, it didn't happen. :(

However, the Haagendaas store was open this last time, and it was so hot I needed a shake. I heartily recommend the HaagenDaas shakes, esp. when it's unseasonally hot.