Thursday, December 11, 2008

And even if I had been dead...

I would have come back to life for today's post on what is fast becoming one of my favorite blogs, The Abbeville Manual of Style.

Today's post, another rousing battle against their formidably orange opponent (a phrase that really should be etched in stone somewhere) includes this:

"Indentation is all fine and well, but we’re honestly not sure where in Strunk’s name they’re getting the double-space rule. We’ve almost never seen it implemented anywhere, at least not in any publication we’re willing to consort with..."

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BJ said...

Oh, they just do that to screw with the minds of the millions of college students (in the US AND in Canada) who are forced to follow these rules or risk a failing mark.

Hmm. The Canadian Press Stylebook obviously doesn't think this is important enough to include. I don't have my copy of Editing Canadian English yet, so I can't comment on them.

Yes, editing is an obsession.