Sunday, September 14, 2008

So, they told you you had to have a blog

I found this blog through one of my Twitter pals and was immediately struck by the idea how much easier this format would be for writers than trying to dream up blog topics all the time. Club up with three or four other writer pals and all of you discuss one book.

For starters, it moves the discussion off you and for some of my clients that's a huge plus since they are shy and writerly and all.

For second, it's of more universal interest than the usual "here's what I had for breakfast today"--of course, I'm totally interested in what you had for breakfast if you're my client but you want an audience of more than one person!

For third, the people who write the books you're discussing (and agenting/editing/publishing them) will find your blog. Of course this means you have to write cogently and leave off the personal diatribes (this writer SUX!) for this to be an advantage, but I'm not too worried about that with most of you.

And you don't have to discuss front list books; you can discuss books you think should be classics, books you've been afraid to read; books that you failed to understand in high school but now get...there are a lot of books to choose from!

Food for thought.

And hell yes I want to read the book the Three Guys discussed on Friday. I wonder if I call up Reagan Arthur tomorrow under the guise of pitching her something fabulous I can sweet talk her into sending me an ARC?


Margaret Yang said...

Many writers have group blogs. Those on Sf novelists each post once a month, I think. I like reading thoughts and opinions from many writers, without having to read 30 blogs a day.

This seems slightly different, though. Three opinions on one book. I'm intrigued.

Just_Me said...

I couldn't get past the lack oh white space and the long paragraphs. I probably could if I weren't reading online, but blogs are a place made for small paragraphs!

Looks interesting though. I'll lurk and see if they'll take formatting hints.


Karen K. Kennedy said...

I'm with just me on the lack of white space/long paragraphs. But, the idea is great. Now I just have to find some writer friends to go in on it with!

Julie Weathers said...

Are you saying my epics about being addicted to danger, chocolate and turquoise are boring? No one cares about culling agents from the herd?

Heavy sigh.

I would attempt that, but with being in two crit groups, commenting on yet something else I've read would tax my pea brain.

H. L. Dyer said...

I belong to a blog chain of aspiring writers (some recently agented, some seeking representation).

It works out great! We take it in turns to choose the topic and then each of us posts our response on our own blog.

It gives us all something to talk about and exposes our blogs to new readers, not to mention boosting our SEO rankings. Highly recommended. ;)

It really is three guys. said...

Dear Just-Me and others,

The Three Guys do take formatting hints. We will try to correct that problem going forward. Look for all those white spaces like drifts of new-fallen snow between our insightfully short paragraphs. :)

(Next up for a Three Guys discussion, another debut crime novel, "Mixed Blood by Roger Smith)