Sunday, August 31, 2008

So, how they plan to get me someplace at 8am I don't know but...

Yes, I'm slithering out of New York and heading for Kansas, home of that girl with ruby slippers who dropped a house on my sister.

Yes, I'm being chaperoned by one of the godsends (who I believe has orders to lock the liquor cabinet!)

Yes, I'm looking forward to singing Wichita Lineman!

Yes, I'll be in Wichita, Kansas on September 20 to meet with the fine folks of the Kansas Writers Association and perhaps you?

Joanna and I have a line up of workshop intended to answer all your questions plus we'll be meeting one on one to offer feedback on pages. (Joanna is the nice one. I'm not. You've been warned)

If you're coming, BRING YOUR PAGES!! If you don't I'm going to let the other asssssistant have a word with you!


Julie Weathers said...

I'm not going to Kansas, but believe me, I don't plan to leave home without pages where I am going.

I don't really want to visit with your assistant.

austexgrl said...