Friday, August 29, 2008

I represent all sorts of winners!

Steve Ulfelder takes a victory lap after the first of his two recent wins at New Hampshire Motor Speedway!


Airie said...


I thought you'd get a kick out of this post.

Summarize a book in one sentence, other people guess what it is.

Teenage boy complains about 'phonies', his problems, and things that 'really depress' him.

Three midgets jump into a volcano trying to destroy some evil jewelry

Hope it brings you joy.

PS. The answers are in the comments.

Kelley said...

Yes! My husband pulled some shifts at the track this summer claiming to do some supervising (or okay, he pretends to work while watching the races.) I think we even have photos...he's a fan of FM. Wait til I tell him.

congrats to Steve!

(and Mags, if you're out there-yes, hubby's employee had his Enzo hat on. wore it to every race and sent me trash talking emails in between. "ohhhh we're having so much fun." *scowling*)

kimmi said...

yeah, but you're a pretty special winner yourself, Ms. Reid! And so we know!

Mags said...

Kellizzle, smack talk from a track employee is not to be tolerated. I say we get nice and liquored up, and then we get your mother nice and liquored up, and the three of us form a posse and go down to the track and relieve Mr. Smack-Talk of his Enzo hat. Old school.

I mean, um, that's awesome! Yay, Steve Ulfelder! Woo hoo!

Kelley said...

won't work, Mags. the track contracts w/hubby's co.-seriously, they only go because their fans. and now their book club has over 15 guys in it and they made Mr. TT their leader, who they've sworn to protect. and they banned me for life just because they could-even though I'm the one who referred the books and helped them get started in the first place.

whatever. I can be the bigger person. I sent him a very nice email last night saying there was a great blog post about Steve's wins at NHMS with the link. Or, with a link. Or, with a wrong and rather disturbing link. who knows. Mr. TT'll find his way here eventually-he's a major fan.

and again, congrats to Steve and FM.

Steve Ulfelder said...

Thanks Kelley. Got one more race at NHMS this year - Sept. 7. Have hubby come by and visit the Flatout Motorsports garages!

Kelley said...
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Kelley said...

I need a camera-you have no idea what you've done. I wish you could see him. The man's weeping happy tears in the corner.

I think, if he could bring himself to speak right now, he would say thank you. :)

(p.s. he's wondering if Andy B. went to SMU? hubby swears he went to college with him...)

Mags said...

Blog him, Twiz. Blog him good!

Sigh. I love it over here.

Steve Ulfelder said...

Kelley: Yup, that's the same Andy B!

(Others: Sorry to have turned this into a private clubhouse. Kelley, shoot me an email and I'll make sure hubby gets on our crew list. steve AT ulfelder DOT com.

Kelley said...

done. and ty Janet.

(you have to admit, though. can't blame us for wanting to hang. the Reid Clubhouse is sweet. Gotta love the open bar...)