Friday, June 27, 2008

Celebrate the 4th by celebrating the foundation of democracy

The foundation of democracy is knowledge.

Access to knowledge is free in this country. It's called the public library.

What better way to shoot off a firecracker or two (metaphorically) than by helping out the libraries in Iowa that have been devastated by floods and tornadoes.

If you care to give, here's how to do so:

(From the DorothyL list)
The libraries affected by the floods do not want book donations, however monetary donations are welcome and may be sent to the following:

Cedar Rapids Public Library Foundation
500 First Street Southeast
Cedar Rapids, IA. 52401

Here are some pictures of the situation there.

Friends of New Hartford Public Library
P O Box 292
New Hartford, IA. 50660

And some pictures of the situation there too.


John said...

Thanks for that information, Janet!

To clarify something at the New Hartford PL site: Their home page includes a photo and a description of the damage -- which was AWFUL -- and a plea for help. If you scroll down below the picture, though, you will see a reference to the help the library has gotten from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Note that this does NOT mean the Gates fortune is rolling into the library's flood-recovery fund. That notice has apparently been on the home page since the Gates money helped the library set up a Web site in the first place. This is a general "help libraries use the Internet" program and has no effect on the library's ability to come back from the recent flood.

Mags said...

Here's hoping we don't soon add too many libraries located in MO to your list. Sigh. Thanks for the information.