Friday, March 14, 2008

Your advice needed!

I've been asked to contribute to an auction at a writers conference. I guess I could send a book, but blah, boring, right? I have some ideas but since you all are the ones that go and buy the auction items it makes sense to ask which of these you'd be most interested in bidding on.

If you have OTHER ideas to suggest, I'm all ears. Put it in the comment column.

(Since I'm testing out polling functions, I set it up as a poll again)

What item would most appeal to you at a writer's conference auction?


Charles said...

trust me, you don't want to offer to have lunch with someone who bids on you in an auction. these sorts of things are painful and awkward and really should be avoided if at all possible.

amanda h said...

The three chapter critique would be awesome. Knowing why something works (or not, as is usually the case) is the best gift for a writer.

The only thing better would be a 100-page critique, but let's not get crazy;-)

Welcome back, Janet. I missed the blog.


Maria said...

I picked the 30 minute query letter critique--only because it wouldn't take the whole 30 minutes, so I figured maybe some of the manuscript could be part of it or perhaps just other general knowledge transfer/questions/pitching.

Of course a lot of people might not be in town long enough--so they'd be hoping the critique would happen via mail (not everyone stays for an entire conference unless it is only a one-day.)

Either way, it's a nice offer and any of them would be worth bidding on!

Amy Tate said...

I would definitely bid on the manuscript critique. Having feedback is invaluable!

The Anti-Wife said...

Are you kidding? Lunch, of course! I may not ever get an agent or published, but I could brag ad infinitum about my lunch with the infamous Janet Reid. That would include cocktails and gossip, right?

Sarahlynn said...

I would bid like crazy for any of the three!

Heather Wardell said...

I'm afraid I'd spend the lunch alternating between stunned silence and giggling like a ninny, so I voted for the critique. :)

Southern Writer said...

If lunch were with anyone else, I'd vote for the critique. Seeing as how it would be with you, I have to vote for the lunch. It would be so nice to sit and chat with you like normal folks.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

If I could do an auction previous to the event and bid on a private lunch at the conference with you (or any agent), I'd go that route, definitely. There are so many trends to discuss and so much to learn that lunch in the form of an informational interview would rock.

However, I'm not coming to NYC just for lunch.