Saturday, March 15, 2008

I knew they were good writers but...

I didn't know that not one,
not two,
of my clients are in fact, God:

Bill Cameron
Dana Cameron
Henry Cameron

Talk about cornering the market on lightning bolts.


Eric said...

I tried worshiping at the Church of Cameron, but they turned me away. My sins are just too great, and apparently, too apparent.

If you'd like I can suggest you to the other Eric Stone's I know of: a porn star, a Christian folk singer, a gourmet food purveyor, an electrical engineer, a software technician and a government attorney (retired writer though.) I'm sort of hoping we can all go on tour together someday. But I'm not sure you represent any of their particular talents.

Dana said...

Dang, it must have happened while I was asleep; I almost never miss a good apotheosis.

Does this mean I get free airline upgrades now?

Bill Cameron said...

There's always room at the Cameron Church, Eric. You must have shown up during the renovations.

Eric said...

Was that what all that hammering and banging was? I just figured that's what happens in churches.